Monday, October 15, 2007

Rapture Ready

I didn’t do much writing over the summer, but I still tried to keep up with events. Here are four more items to ponder.

No End in Sight
And no end in the planning stages either. You can watch the trailer at:

I won’t try to summarize the entire film here, but I can give you something of its flavor. When U.S. occupying forces took no action to protect Iraqi museums, many irreplaceable treasures of antiquity were stolen. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld rather infamously explained it all away by saying that “stuff happens.” His indifference to the looting of a culture speaks volumes — in English or Arabic.

That indifference extends all the way down to security contractors muscling their way through Iraq. The film includes a video taken by “security contractors” through the back window of their car as they drove around Baghdad randomly shooting at cars behind them. Hey, it was fun! The shooters even added a rock music sound track.

This is the story of garbage — the garbage we dump, the garbage we breathe, the garbage we eat, the garbage we pay for, the garbage we generate to process garbage, etc. Watch the trailer at:

As the saying goes: Out of sight, out of mind. That’s definitely true of trash. To see what you’re missing, go to

and see the work of Chris Jordan. His images make the magnitude of our consumption crisis all too clear.

(Below: detail from Chris Jordan’s picture of 2,000,000 plastic bottles, the number used in the United States every five minutes.)

But of course, after the Second Coming, we won’t have to worry about trash, either in the form of plastic bottles or non-believers.

Rapture Ready
What god wants and who he wants to do it to are critical to the protection of Israel so it can be destroyed in Armageddon when Jesus returns — or something like that. Visit

and watch Max Blumenthal’s film about the conference of Christians United for Israel. Senator Rick Santorum was there, along with former Representative Tom Delay. Asked about the Second Coming, Delay replied, “I live for it. I hope it comes tomorrow.” Senator Joseph Lieberman called C.U.F.I. founder John Hagee a modern-day Moses. Apparently, the Christians United for Israel believe the modern day Pharaoh is in Iran. To them, the conclusion is obvious. To me, the conclusion is terrifying.


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