Thursday, January 05, 2006

O'Reilly's War on Christmas

It has been said that truth is the first casualty of war. No one knows that better than Bill O’Reilly who has been killing truth whenever it rears its ugly head.

O’Reilly was on the David Letterman show on Tuesday, 1/3/2006, where O’Reilly continued his campaign against honesty. He claimed that an elementary school in Wisconsin changed the words of “Silent Night” and had the children sing:

“Cold in the night. No one in sight. Winter winds whine and bite. How I wish I was happy and warm. Safe with my family out of the storm.” They replaced the words to “Silent Night” with that.

O’Reilly made it sound as if some demented folks in Wisconsin were trying to destroy their childrens’s Christmas spirit. In fact, the song is from a 1988 Christmas musical for children titled The Little Tree’s Christmas Gift. The play is about a small, scraggly tree on Christmas Eve. He’s the last tree on the lot, and he yearns to be with a family on Christmas. But time is running out. Who will adopt the little tree?

You can read about the play (which is more than O’Reilly did) at:

Follow this heartwarming "tree tale," as it delivers its strong Christmas message of happiness, hope and love.

Bill O’Reilly believes Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. Someone should remind O’Reilly of the Ninth Commandment — thou shall not give false witness against thy neighbor.